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If you are wondering if a large steam cleaner could be effective for your household cleaning, the answer is yes. Although there are many carpet cleaners on the market today large steam cleaners can provide so much more. Handheld models for example do not hold as much water and they are also not as powerful for that deep clean you may be looking for.

You can use steam cleaners to clean almost any surface of your house. Steam cleaning is very eco friendly, and no chemicals are involved. Unlike cleaning with water steam evaporates quickly so your surfaces dry much faster. In addition to cleaning carpets, a large steam cleaner is great for curtains, upholstery, and also mattresses. Always be sure to test small areas first to make sure it reacts okay with this process.

So whether you choose a cool steam cleaner or a dry steam cleaner the choice is up to you. Either one provides effective deep cleaning for any household job.

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