Professional Carpet Cleaning

Since the 60s, most, if not all, homes and offices have wall to wall carpeting. A professional carpet cleaner’s job is to clean carpets which are already in use.

A professional carpet cleaner is expected to put his expertise to work in every place where carpets are used, which include home and offices, as well as business establishments, restaurants, clubs, sporting avenues, etc.

A carpet cleaning professional needs certain tools and equipments to do his, job, such as a vacuum cleaner, carpet brushes, deep carpet cleaning machine, portable spot or rug cleaner, carpet cleaning chemicals, water storage tanks, pipes for water delivery.

There are, broadly speaking, two types of carpet cleaning conducted by carpet cleaners, namely, steam and dry. In case of steam cleaning, the carpet has hot water mixed with cleaning chemicals sprayed on it with the help of a spraying equipment, and then this water is extracted using a vacuum cleaner.

With dry cleaning, the entire cleaning process is completed quicker and is less labor intensive: the process uses dry chemical compounds or cleaning solvents which are placed on the carpet, which then break down the dirt in it and then the dry cleaning system is used over it.

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